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ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)
ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)ZSI-200 (1450 W)

ZSI-200 (1450 W)

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Shipping time: 24 hours

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Condition of the product: New

Warranty: 4sauna

Power (W)

Price with TAX: 85.00 Euro

Price: 85.00 Euro

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  • Harvia Heater Models & Element Heating
Harvia heating elements ZSI-200 1450 W

Oven heater Harvia Alfa A30
Element Heating Harvia Heater Models
ZSI-200 Alfa A30
ZSN-150 Delta D23(E, EE), D29(EE)
ZSN-160 Delta D29(EE), D36(E, EE)
ZSC-360 Unio HNK360(E,EE), Cilindro PC110E/EE/HEE
Y10-0016 The Wall SW45(E)
Y10-0015 The Wall SW60(E)
Y10-0014 The Wall SW80(E)
ZCU-830 The Wall SW90(E), The Wall Combi SW90(S/SA), Virta HL90, Virta Combi HL90S(A), Virta Pro HL160, Virta Pro Combi HL160SA, Modulo 160, 180
ZCU-823 The Wall Combi SW45S/SA, SW70S/SA, Virta HL70, Virta Combi HL70S(A), Virta Pro HL135, HL160, Virta Pro Combi HL135SA, HL160SA, Modulo 135, 160
ZSJ-100 Compact JM20(E), JM25(E )
ZSJ-110 Compact JM25(E), JM30(E )
ZSB-770 Vega Compact BC23(E ), BC35(E )
ZSB-224 Vega BC45(E)
ZSB-226 Vega BC60(E ), Vega Combi BC60SE(A)
ZSB-228 Vega BC80(E )
ZSB-229 Vega BC90(E ), Vega Combi BC90SE(A)
ZSB-461 Vega Pro BC105, BC135
ZSB-462 Vega Pro BC135, BC165
ZSK-690 KIP30(E), KIP45(E), Topclass KV30(E), KV45(E), Sound / Steeltop M45(E), Moderna V45E, Topclass Combi KV50SE(A)
ZSK-700 KIP60(E), Topclass KV60(E), Sound / Steeltop M60(E), Moderna V60E, Topclass Combi KV60SE(A), Classic Electro CS60
ZSK-710 KIP80(E), Topclass KV80(E), Sound / Steeltop M80(E), Moderna V80E, Topclass Combi KV80SE(A), Classic Electro CS80
ZSK-720 KIP90(E),  Sound / Steeltop M90(E), Topclass Combi KV90SE(A)
ZSE-256 Fuga FU60(E) 
ZSE-259 Fuga FU90(E), Figaro FG90(E), Quatro QR90, Cilindro PC90(E,H,F,EE,HEE), Cilindro Plus PP90(E), Glow TRT90(E), TRC90(E) 
ZRH-247 Kivi PI70(E) 
ZRH-249 Kivi PI90(E) 
ZRH-720 Figaro FG70(E), Quatro QR70, Cilindro PC70(E,H,F,EE,HEE), Cilindro Plus PP70(E), Glow TRT70(E), TRC70(E) 
ZSC-022 Cilindro PC66(E), Cilindro Pro PC100E, PC135E, PC165E, PC200E, Modulo MDA165, MDA200
ZVO-201 Globe GL70(E) 
ZVO-200 Globe GL110(E) 
ZCU-836 Virta HL110, Virta Combi HL110S(A), Virta Pro HL220, Virta Pro Combi HL220SA
ZSP-240 Legend PO11, Club K11G(S)
ZSS-110 Legend PO11, Senator T9, T10.5, Senator Combi T7C(A), T9C(A), Elegance F10.5, Club K11G(S)
ZSS-120 Senator T10.5, Senator Combi T7C(A), T9C(A), Elegance F10.5, Club K13.5G(S)
ZSP-250 Legend PO165, Elegance F15, F16.5, Club K13.5G, K15G, Club Combi K13.5GS, K15GS
ZSP-255 Legend PO165, Elegance F16.5, F18
ZSA-430 Symphony AV4, AV6, 
ZSA-420 Symphony AV2-6
ZSF-20 Forte AF4 / AFB4
ZSF-30 Forte AF6 / AFB6
ZSF-50 Forte AF9 / AFB9
ZSL-313 Club K9, K10.5, K12, Profi L26
ZSL-310 Club K9, Profi L23
ZSL-316 Club K12
ZSL-314 Club K15, Profi L23, L26, L30
ZSK-732 Profi L20
ZSL-318 Profi L33
ZHH-170 Hidden Heater HH6, HH12
ZHH-180 Hidden Heater HH9
ZH-104 Steamer SS20 and for all Steamers in Combi heaters except Vega Combi
ZSB-571 Vega Combi Steamer
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