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Product warranty

Product warranty
Products offered in our shop have a manufacturer's guarantee or a guarantee of Sauna-
Some of the products offered in our shop have a manufacturer's warranty, valid in Poland.
The warranty period for each product can be found in its description at
The detailed conditions of the guarantee are specified in the guarantee document issued by
the guarantor.

Most of the products have guarantees carried out directly by authorized service points of
producers. Service center addresses and other important service information
can be found on the warranty cards attached to the products and on the manufacturer's
websites. For some products, the warranty card is inside the factory-sealed package. As we
do not want to open such packaged products, it may happen that the warranty card will not
be stamped, but it gives you confidence that nobody has ever interfered with the content of
the product. If you receive a warranty card without a stamp, please contact us. warranty.
In case the "" information is in the warranty box, the product should be
returned at customer’s expense to the address of our warehouse or delivered personally to
our Personal Pickup Station located in Kępa Kiełpińska, after prior notification of the application
number, which can be obtained by completing the form "Complaint Report" on the
website at the bottom of the page. The address and all necessary information will be
provided when assigning the number. The repaired product is sent to the customer at the
expense of
Terms of guarantee as a seller can mediate between the user and the producer in the process
of warranty claim.
A complaint claim under the warranty is accepted after filling in a complaint form located in
the "Complaint notification" tab. In order to improve the process associated with the
registration of a new complaint, please provide the number of the order from which the
damaged product originates and describe its defect in the form. The commencement date of
the complaint process starts at the moment of receipt of the parcel by our service warehouse
located in Kępa Kiełpińska near Warsaw.
The faulty product will be subjected to a preliminary expertise, which aims to check whether
the fault described by the customer occurs and whether the fault has not occurred due to the
fault of the user. will investigate your complaint within 14 days from the moment of receipt of
the goods. All products with guarantee are sent directly to the distributor or
manufacturer of the equipment, if the service of the manufacturer / distributor determines that
the repair requires additional expertise or replacement of hard-to-access parts, the
investigation of the complaint can be extended up to 28 working days . The method of
considering and completing a complaint by repairing, exchanging or refunding purchase
costs belongs only to the guarantor.
In the situation when the complaint shipment is to be sent to a different address other than
the one that appears on the order from which the advertised product originates, it is
necessary to send a new address data via e-mail or contact form. If we do not receive such
information, the return shipment will be sent to the old address.
Customer's warranty rights expire automatically if:
 the defect was caused by a short circuit in the electrical installation, which was not
caused by the incorrect operation of the product,
 the defect is caused by improper installation or use of the product contrary to the
purpose or operating instructions.
In the event that the beneficiary of the warranty claims false or misleading circumstances,
causing harm to the guarantor, he may be obliged to repair it. The equipment in this case is
also sent back at the expense of the buyer.
If the delivered product does not meet the warranty requirements, the customer will be
immediately informed.
The customer is obliged to archive the data on the advertised media on his own, Sauna- company does not take responsibility for the loss of data, nor does it guarantee
their recovery.

The warranty for the sold consumer goods does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of
the buyer resulting from non-compliance of the goods with the contract.
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