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Austria AT 2 days
Belgium BE 3 days
Bulgaria BG 2 days
Czech Republic CZ 2 days
Denmark DK 3 days
Estonia EE 3 days
Finland FI 3 days
France FR 3 days
Germany DE 2 days
Latvia LV 2 days
Lithuania LT 2 days
Norway NO 3 days
Poland PL 2 days
Slovakia SK 2 days
United States USA 3 days
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Costs and delivery methods

Costs and delivery methods
In order to check the delivery cost of your order, put all the products in the basket and then
select a form of delivery and payment - then you will see precisely calculated costs of
transport of the products you selected.
The shipping fee depends on the category of products you want to buy. In case of group
purchasing of products, deliveries will be made by independent shipments, as these products
are sent by us from various warehouses. The delivery cost will then be calculated for each
product group separately.
Couriers are obliged to deliver the parcel to the recipient 's apartment only if the weight of the
parcel does not exceed 30 kg.
In case of products of greater weight or large dimensions, the package can be delivered to
the building address.
The products of a large size excluded sometimes also from the promotion of free delivery
include, among others:
wood burning stoves, doors, wood, sauna stones and bricks. 
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