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Purchasing regulations

Purchasing regulations
The provisions of these Regulations are not intended to exclude or limit any rights of the
Customer who is also a consumer of his rights under mandatory provisions of law. In case of
non-compliance of the provisions of these Regulations with the above provisions, the above
provisions prevail. is an online store under the domain, run by Jakub Kiedo
(address of the place of business and address for correspondence Gajowa 44 St., 05-092 Kępa Kiełpińska, Poland)
entered into the Register and Information of Economic Activity, VAT PL1132150889, REGON 142136548
The company has been registered in the records of Business Operations conducted by the
President of Warsaw on December 9, 2009 under the number 500173 which customers can
contact at the following e-mail address

1. conducts retail sales via electronic means by the Internet. Orders are
accepted only and exclusively through internet websites available in the domain
2. Customers have the option of using by registering and creating an account in
which data and customer information about his activities in are collected
(hereinafter: "Account"). The provision of services under the Account is perpetual.
The Customer has the right to terminate the contract concluded with
regarding the Account at any time by filling in a Form including a statement on termination of
the contract. The above does not apply to situations in which is in the
process of executing an order placed by the Customer. In this case, the effect of the
termination of the contract will take place at the time the order in question is fulfilled.
3. In order to register the account in complete the registration form by providing
the following data: e-mail address and password. On the e-mail address of the Customer
placed in the registration form will be sent a message indicating the manner of confirmation
of registration and other information required by law. At the moment of confirming the
registration, there is an agreement on keeping the Account between the Customer and, the subject of which are services provided by, on the
conditions specified in the Regulations.
4. In case of a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, all activities
of this entity in may only be performed by a person who is authorized to perform
all activities related to the use of on behalf of that entity and to exercise all rights
and obligations of this entity as the Customer.
5. All products available at are brand new, free from physical and legal defects,
and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
6. All prices listed on websites are gross prices (including VAT). A VAT invoice is
issued for each product sold. The VAT invoice may be delivered electronically to the e-mail
address provided by the Customer, unless the Customer clearly indicates that the VAT
invoice should be delivered in a traditional way.
7. The ordered product is delivered with the participation of specialize operators (courier
companies). In some cases it is possible to collect products personally at Personal Pickup
Pionts, the list of which is indicated on the websites. The Customer bears the
delivery costs specified in the Transport Price list indicated on in the tab Costs and
delivery methods.
8. The contract concluded between the Customer and regarding the purchase of a
given product at is of a timely nature and lasts for the duration of the contract. The
place of fulfillment of the provision related to the purchase of products at is the
delivery address indicated by the Customer, except for the products collected personally by
Customers, where the place of performance is the Personal Pickup Point chosen by the

9. In a situation where there are large differences in the time of execution of the order or the
method of packaging and delivery of individual products which are part of one order placed at, can independently decide on splitting the order into smaller
shipments. In this case the total delivery cost given to the Customer when placing the order
is not changed, but only divided into partial shipments. In the event of cancellation of a part
of the order, only the costs of delivery that have been assigned to the undelivered or claimed
part of the order are adjusted.
10. The customer is obliged to pay the price for the product ordered in, including
delivery costs, no later than within 14 days from the date of the contract, subject to the
condition that the payment takes place upon receipt. The following forms of payment are
- On delivery - payment in cash to the courier upon receipt of the product or at the box office
of the personal collection point. In selected cases reserves the right to
additional telephone verification of such orders.
- By bank transfer - a form of payment for clients who prefer to log into an online bank or visit
a bank branch. After placing the order, the customer receives via e-mail (e-mail) the bank
account number to which the correct amount should be transferred. When the payment is
made to the bank account, the order is transferred for execution.
- Online transfer - electronic payment method supported by PayU S.A. - a national payment
institution, based in Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 182, entered into the register of
entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th
Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000274399.
The option of payment by online transfer is available in selected product categories.
- By credit card (Visa, Mastercard) - each card payment transaction is safely authorized by
PayU S.A. (which may take a while). Once the payment has been confirmed, the order is
forwarded for execution.
More information on order completion dates can be found at the Order execution time page
in the Information tab at the bottom of the page. Additional costs related to individual forms of
payment are specified in the Transport Price List available at in the tab Costs and
delivery methods.
11.In case of some types of assortment available at, reserves the
right to limit the payment method by not providing specific payment and delivery options.
12. The product delivery time is no more than 40 days from the date of the contract. The date
of receiving the shipment means each time the order collection plus the delivery time.
In case of a personal collection, the parcels are delivered to the indicated Personal Receipt
Point. informs about the possibility of collecting the ordered product via
email. The parcel must be picked up within 14 days of receiving information about the
possibility of collecting the product. A consignment that is not picked up within the set
deadline will be sent back to the warehouse and the order will be corrected. More information
about the possibility of personal collection is available at under the tab "Personal
collection" in the "About the company" tab at the bottom of the website.
13. Products may have a manufacturer's, importer's or seller's warranty applicable in Poland.
The time of guarantee for each product appears in its description on the website.
The detailed conditions for the performance of the guarantee are specified in the guarantee
document issued by the guarantor. Most products have guarantees provided directly by
authorized service points of producers. The exact addresses of service centers can be found
on the warranty cards attached to the products and on the manufacturers' websites.
In the event that the "" information is in the "warranty" field, the product
should be sent to the address of warehouse provided by an employee of the
Customer Service Office or delivered personally to the Personal Pickup Points located in
Pruszków, after previously getting a registration number. The registration number can be
obtained by completing the complaint form at, in the "Information" tab at the
bottom of the website.
The address and all necessary information will be provided when assigning the number.
Thanks to the registration number, the processing of applications by will be

proceeded efficiently, however, providing the registration number is not obligatory for
considering the Customer's application. The repaired product is sent back to the customer at
the cost of The guarantee for the sold product does not exclude, limit or
suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the warranty for defects in the product.
Information on the terms of the warranty can be found at under the slogan
Warranty for products in the "Information" tab at the bottom of the website.
14. is responsible for product defects based on applicable law. In case of
sales that are not consumer sales, the provisions on warranty included in the Civil Code are
15. Complaints under the warranty may be submitted in electronic form by filling in the
Complaint Form, or in writing to the address of given in the upper part of the
Regulations, at the cost of, after prior notification of the registration number,
in accordance with art. 13. Information on the type of freight forwarder, and the address to
which the product should be sent will be given when giving the registration number.
16. The customer has the right to demand a price reduction or withdraw from the contract,
unless immediately and without excessive inconvenience for the customer
exchanges the defective product for the one free of defects or removes the defect. This
limitation does not apply if the product has already been replaced or repaired by Sauna- or did not replace the product for the one free from defects, nor
did it remove this defect.
17. proceeds a warranty claim submitted in a correct form within 14 days
from the date it was received. If within 14 days does not respond to the
client's demands, it means that it has considered the requests justified.
In each of the above cases, when the fulfillment of Customer's requests involves the delivery
of a new or repaired product, the delivery costs shall be borne by In order to
return the purchased product, the Customer should enter on the shipment note, in the field
"declared value" (or equivalent), the purchase price of the returned product. This amount is a
declaration of insurance.
18. In accordance with applicable law, within 14 days of receipt of the ordered product, the
consumer has the right to return it without giving reasons, except for products and services
which cannot be waived according to the applicable law . The withdrawal from the contract,
including a withdrawal form, which the Customer may use, as well as cases in which the right
to withdraw from the contract is not applicable are specified in the instruction, constituting
Annex No. 2 to the Regulations. The provisions of this art. apply accordingly to withdrawal
from the contract regarding the Account.
19. The customer has the right to return the used equipment in accordance with the Act of 29
July 2005 on waste electrical and electronic equipment. The return of the used equipment
can take place only if the purchase of a new product will be made at and will
include a product of the same type. The wish to return the used product should be reported
by e-mail to the address "" within a period not longer than one month
from the purchase of a new device, but not shorter than 14 days from its purchase. The
return is made after the has verified the purchases made by the Customer
and provided the individual number of the return, which will take place within 5 working days
from the date of notification. The customer sends the used equipment to the
warehouse indicated in art. 13, at his own expense.
20. The information on the website does not constitute an offer meant by the Civil
Code. By placing an order using the mechanisms available on the websites of the
store, the Customer places an offer to buy a specific product under the conditions specified
in the product description.
21. The personal data provided by Customers are collected and processed by Sauna- in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the Privacy Policy
included in Appendix No. 1 to the Regulations. A Customer purchasing at
consents to the processing of an e-mail address in order to send a questionnaire enabling
expressing an opinion on a transaction made at The e-mail address will be

processed by in order to submit the questionnaire, and the data received as
a result of the questionnaire will be used to publish an opinion on on the Internet.
22. may change the Regulations and launch a new version of services
provided as part of The change becomes effective on the date indicated by, which can not be shorter than 7 days from the time of making the amended
Regulations available at, with the reservation that orders commenced before the
changes come into effect, are conducted on the current basis
23. At the first login at the Customer will be notified of such changes and the
possibility of their acceptance at the moment of changes being effective. The refusal to
accept the changes is equal to the termination of the contract with
24. In all unregulated matters the Polish law is applicable.
25. All disputes regarding the services rendered by at
will be resolved by courts of general jurisdiction. The customer who is a consumer has the
possiblibity to use the out-of- court method of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims
before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Provincial Inspector of Trade
Inspection in Warsaw. Information on how to access the abovementioned mode and
procedures for resolving disputes, can be found at the following address:,
in the tab "Settlement of consumer disputes".
PRIVACY PROTECION POLICY and the Shop pay particular attention to protecting theg privacy of
customers. and the Shop carefully select and apply appropriate technical
and organizational measures ensuring protection of the data being processed, including
programming security. In particular, and the Shop secure data against their
unauthorized access, as well as against its processing in violation of applicable law. Sauna- and the Shop have permanent control over the data processing process and limit
access to data to the greatest extent possible, providing appropriate authorizations only
when it is necessary for the proper provision of services via
2.The administrator of the database of personal data provided by customers in connection
with shopping at is:
a. – when purchasing concerns products offered by;
b. Shop or – when purchasing concerns products offered by Shop.
3. In the situation described in point 2 above and with the separate consent of
customers, provides to the Shop the personal data of customers, who
purchased products offered by the Shop, necessary to perform a contract concluded in
connection with the purchase of the product.
4. The basis for the processing of personal data is the consent of the customers themselves,
as well as the statutory authorization to process data necessary for the purposes of Sauna- and the Shop in the field of, including the concluding, implementing and
settling sales contracts under (servicing the sales of goods), as well as archiving
5. Providing any personal data by the customer is voluntary. Providing the data mentioned in
point 3 of the Regulations is necessary for the purposes set out in point 2.
6. Customers can view and presented goods offers without prior registration and
providing personal data.
7. The data provided by the Customer during the Registration are used for accounting
purposes, for contacting the Customer, for the account service in and for other
activities related to the conclusion or execution of sales contracts. These data may also be
used to verify whether a recorded person meets the conditions required by the Regulations
and legal provisions. The contact details, with the consent of the customer, are also used to
send the customer through information about the company and the services
it provides. The customer may at any time opt out from receiving this type of information.

8. Customers data may be made available to entities authorized to receive it under
applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. Customers personal data may be
transferred to a third parties in cases indicated by and Shop and with the
consent of the customers.
9. If or the Shop receives information about using the by the
Customer in breach of the Regulations or the applicable regulations, or the
Shop may process the Customer personal data to the extent necessary to establish his
liability, provided that or the Shop will save the content of these messages for
evidence purposes.
10. Personal data of Customers who make online payments or by PayU Installment services
for goods purchased at or in the Shop, are transferred to PayU S.A. with its
registered office in Poznań (60-166 Poznań, Grunwaldzka 182), entered into the Register of
Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th
Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000274399,
Tax Identification Number: 779-23- 08-495, the national payment institution supervised by
the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, entered into the register of domestic payment
institutions kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under the number IP1 / 2012.
The transfer concerns personal data necessary to make a payment by PayU S.A. and takes
a. for servicing (settlement) by PayU S.A. of payments for products purchased at
b. immediately after selecting by the Customer in the method of payment in the
form of online payment
11. The personal data of Customers who make payments using Santander's Instalment
system are transferred to Santander Consumer Finance S.A. with headquarters in Wrocław,
ul. Strzegomska 42c entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for
Wrocław-Fabryczna, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the
number KRS 0000094876, NIP: 898-10- 11-992, and takes place:
a. for servicing (settlement) by Santander Consumer Finanse S.A. of payments for products
purchased at,
b. immediately after selecting by the Customer in the method of making payment
using Rat in the Santander system
12. and the Shop ensure the realization of Customers' rights under the
Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to access the personal data and correct
them, and the right to control the processing of personal data on the terms described in the
Act. As part of the right to control the processing of personal data, Customers have the right,
in cases specified in the Personal Data Protection Act, to provide a written, justified request
to cease processing the personal data due to their special situation and to object to the
processing of their data when or the Shop intend to process them for
marketing purposes or to transfer personal data to other than or the Shop
data administrator.
13. and the Shop provide customers with the ability to view and modify their
personal data. and the Shop provide Clients with the possibility of removing
the personal data from the data record in the event of withdrawal from the contract referred
to Article 17 of the Regulations, as well as in other cases if it results from the applicable
provisions of law. or the Shop may refuse to delete the Customer's data
only in cases specified by applicable law, in particular if the Customer has not paid all
amounts due to or the Shop or when or if the Customer
has violated the Regulations or applicable law in his previous behavior at, and
keeping these data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine the
Customer's liability.

14. In addition, occasionally,, with separate consent of the Customer, sends
questionnaires aimed to test customer preferences and adapting's offer to their
expectations, including the possibility of expressing an opinion on transactions made in the
Shop. The customer may at any time opt out of receiving questionnaires
15. uses IP addresses collected during internet connections for technical
purposes related to a server administration. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect
general, statistical demographic information (eg about the region from which the connection
takes place). These data are not combined with the data provided by customers and are only
material for statistical analysis and mechanisms for correcting system errors.
16. uses "cookies" files. The information collected using "cookies" allow you
to adapt services and content to the individual needs and preferences of customers, as well
as to develop general statistics on the use of by customers. Disabling the option
in the web browser that allows you to save "cookies" files generally does not prevent the use
of, but it can cause some difficulties. The detailed provisions related to Cookies
files are set out in the Cookies Policy on the website.
Within 14 days of receiving the parcel, you may withdraw from the contract without giving any
reason. If you do, we will refund all payments received from you.
To cancel your purchase, please let us know your decision by completing the Return Product form.
You can use the withdrawal form, which you will find below.
Ship to the following address: Jakub Kiedo
ul. Gajowa 44
05-092 Kępa Kiełpińska
The right to withdraw from the contract is not applicable in respect of contracts:
1. for the provision of services if we have performed the service fully with your explicit
2. in which the price of the Commodity depends on fluctuations on the financial market,
which we do not control, and which may occur before the deadline for withdrawal from the
3. in which the object of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to
your specification to satisfy your individual needs;
4. in which the object of the service is an item subject to rapid deterioration or having a short
5. in which the object of the service is an item delivered in a sealed package, which after the
6. in which the object of the service are things that after delivery, due to their nature, are
inseparably connected with other things;
7. in which the object of the service are sound or visual recordings or computer software
delivered in a sealed package, if the packaging has been opened after delivery;
8. for the delivery of digital content that is not recorded on a storage medium, if the fulfillment
of the service began with your explicit consent, before the deadline for withdrawal from the
(this form should be filled in and returned only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)
ul. Gajowa 44
05-092 Kępa Kiełpińska

I ................................................. ........... hereby inform about my withdrawal from the sales contract
for the following items ........................... .................................................. ..........., offer
number.................................... .................................................. ......
The date of conclusion of the contract is .............................................. ..., date of receipt
............................................ ...............................................
First and last name............................................... .....................
Address................................................. ..................................
Date................................................. ....................................

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